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Automated Monitoring

Table Health

Get instant insight into the metrics driving the health of data source tables with pre-defined monitor templates.

Anomaly Detection

Automatic recognition of data anomalies through metric monitoring.

Continuous Execution

Built-in scheduling - no complicated setup process or pipelines to start.

Integrations & Profiling

Enterprise Data Sources

Connect to enterprise data warehouses to ensure data trust within your source of truth.

Instant Coverage

Profile your data source and create suggested monitors from scratch.

Root Cause Analysis & Alerting

Adaptive Analysis

Analyze the root cause of issues through tracked historical time series metadata.

Statistical thresholds

Automatically determine appropriate data thresholds using statistical summarization and z-score detection algorithms.

Direct Alerts

Immediate notifications of detected anomalies or potential issues through Slack and other intergrations.

Fully Open Source Alternative

Own Your Data

Don't silo your data in 3rd party tools. Have full control over the end-to-end flow of metadata.


Meet all your specific needs with the flexibility of open-source.

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